Foto cabecera Sintempo


“SinTempo”, Sara Cano’s second work, is a dance solo in which the choreographer seeks to create her own scenic space to develop  an anachronic dance, made out of past, present and future times, a timeless dance…just a personal dance. “SinTempo” wants to talk about the passing of time, about the past, the present, the extemporal, the fast, the slow, the static, what remains and what is gone; and, in short, about the feelings and reactions that all this evokes in a true creator, in her body and conscience at present time. The work of this choreographer, situated in between the Spanish and the contemporary, has been characterized by the blending of choreographical languages in a constant process of finding a unique style. 

“Beautiful and frugal moment, stop, you are so beautiful! Give me eternity!”
Faust (Goethe)  




Artistic direction, choreography and interpretation: Sara Cano
Text: Sara Cano. Generados a partir de textos de Lucas Condró, Pablo Messiez y Chantall Maillard
Direction in text scenes: Teresa Rivera
Voice over: Carlos Olalla, Sara Cano
Musical composition and sound space: Héctor González Sánchez
Vocals and vocal arrangements: Sandra Carrasco
Violin and string arrangements: Vic Guadiana
Preexisting music: Olafur Arnalds y Germán Díaz
Lights design: Gloria Montesinos (A.a.i.)
Sound design: Jorge Díaz“Roy”
Costume design and scenery: Elisa Sanz
Costume execution: Dolores Durán, Elisa Sanz y María Calderón
Footwear: Gallardo
Machinery: Oscar Alonso “Rusti”
Image and Graphic Design: marcosGpunto
Video: Eva Viera
Production: Sara Cano Compañía de Danza
Production assistant: David Arrabal
Distribution: Elena Santonja ESMANAGEMENT