Foto a Palo Seco


In “A Palo Seco”, Sara Cano explores the search for a unique choreographical language, conceived in between the visceral present in the Spanish dance and the conceptual of contemporary dancing, and in which the reformulation of her own knowledge, research and experimentation are the bases that form a genuine dance, a dance flowing beyond tags, deprived of any superficial ornaments. “A Palo Seco” is the beginning of a trip towards self-evolution, looking always towards the future but not forgetting the force of tradition. The origin of this show is “A Palo Seco Redux”, piece awarded Best Solo Choreography and Best Musical Composition in the XXIII Spanish Dance and Flamenco Contest. 

“The artist must not imitate anyone. Let him put his hand in his heart and study that, what comes out of him, that will tell him everything…” Giuseppe Verdi. 



Artistic direction, choreography and interpretation: Sara Cano
Scene direction: Teresa Nieto
Original Music: Héctor González Sánchez
Preexisting music: Aléix Tobías (Coetus)
Vocals and vocal arrangements: Alberto Funes
Lights design: Gloria Montesinos (A.a.i.)
Costume design: Elisa Sanz
Costume execution: Mayka Chamorro, Dolores Durán y María Calderón
Graphic Design and Photography: marcosGpunto
Production: Sara Cano Compañía de Danza
Production Assistant: David Arrabal
Distribution: Elena Santonja ESMANAGEMENT