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Sara Cano Dance Company was born in 2014 as a space in which the choreographer seeks her own line of work, in between the visceral present in the Spanish dance and the conceptual of contemporary dancing, in which research and experimentation work together in search for a unique, personal voice, that transcends forms and tags. Her first work, “A Palo Seco Redux”, was awarded the first prize in Solo Choreography and Best Musical Composition Award in the XXIII Spanish Dance and Flamenco Contest, and was also the seed of “A Palo Seco”, a musical and dance piece that was programmed in international and national festivals such as Cadiz en Danza, Danza Gijón, MASDANZA, Lekuz Leku, Bienal de Sevilla, Holland’s Biennal of Flamenco 2017 or the Dusseldorf Flamenco Festival 2018. It also received the support of institutions like the Community of Madrid, the Ministry of Culture of Spain and the Canal Dance Company.

Her second major work, “Sintempo” was funded by the Canal Dance Center’s program “Abierto en Canal”, premiered in the Sala Negra of the Canal theater in Madrid and appeared in MADFERIA 2019, one of the most important theater and dance festivals in Spain. Her latest work, “VENGO!”, premiered in the Olite Theater Festival and was part of the programming of the Madrid Dance Festival 2019. The origin of “VENGO!” lays in the short piece by the same name that won First Prize in Choreography and Superior Conservatory María de Ávila Award in the XXVII Spanish Dance and Flamenco Contest, which was also finalist and winner of four prices (Carlos III University, Cervandantes, Descalzinha and Nave del Duende) in the XXXII Madrid Choreography Contest.